Éxodo (London, 2015)

To stop immigrating is to stop living.
That is why the immigrant is one during all his life.
As a river is a river from its birth until it reaches the mouth
Javier Pérez Andújar

Éxodo is a photobook about the 5,000 Spanish nurses working nowadays in the United Kingdom. They are a group of young professionals well qualified, with a university degree and a decent knowledge of English. They are not just simple work force without any education as their grandparents in the 60s, when they went to America, Switzerland and France. They are part of the best, well-prepared generation of Spanish history and they have been forced to go abroad.

At the same time that the Spanish system is not able to give job and opportunities, the British National Health Service faces a shortage of 15,000 nurses. That’s how they have been arriving in the UK in the recent years. Numbers are astonished, as Spanish nurses working in the UK back in 2006 were only 31. It is a real “exodus” and that’s where the tittle of the book comes from.

“Éxodo” is a series of portraits about this group of nurses that became part of the biggest Spanish migration in the XXI century. The photos are taken inside hospitals, at the nurses’ workplaces, the surroundings of their daily work inside hospitals and in one of the bedrooms. All of them are located in London, but Spanish nurses are spread all over the country.