About me

Skilled and enthusiastic freelance photographer based in London with diverse range of experiences in Spain, the United States and China.

I am comfortable covering breaking news, taking portraits and working in a studio. I am well organised, flexible, calm under pressure, polite, resourceful, and able to work to extremely tight deadlines.

Currently based in the United Kingdom and available for traveling and assignment. I provide my own camera equipment and lighting.


Email: rita.alvarez.london at gmail.com


Communications BA, Nebrija University, Madrid (Spain), 2004-2008

Documentary Photography and Photojournalism MA, Westminster University, London (UK), 2014 – 2015


“Exodo” exhibition at the Hive-Dalston, London
April 2017

A project documenting the Spanish nurses working today in the United Kingdom. They are a group of young professionals that are well qualified, with a university degree and a decent knowledge of English and are part of the most well-prepared generation of Spanish
professionals in history. Still, they are forced to go abroad.


“Hidden Hunger” exhibition at Ambika P3, London
August 2015


An exhibition of the MA Documentary Photography and Photojournalism (Westminster University) final show called In Our Time.

My project represents the issue of poverty and low income in the UK breaking the stereotypes, with a particular focus on the struggle of many to get enough food to eat.




“Xinjiang memories” exhibition at Cafe Zarah in Beijing
May to June 2011

Photos made during my trip to Xinjiang in June 2010. Shots from Urumqi, Turpan and Kashgar, where the streets are full of life but the culture is disappearing due to the government control and power against Uighurs.